How To Get Google+ Custom URL

Hey everybody, have you tried the new Google+ custom URL?

Yep, at some point in this month, I get mail from Google that “I am eligible” for custom URL. Then my reaction “whoa! custom URL? what a lucky day! :D” But then I get dissapointed because the link I get isn’t the one I want. Google give me “”. Well, that’s my name, but I’ve been using “bentinata” almost everywhere! Facebook, twitter, and countless forum. Then suddenly, I got “BengetNata” as my URL? What?

Then I go to read help, they say that I can ask my custom URL in “not the links that you want?” button, and Google will approve that URL in 2-3 days. But, when I go back to the approve link dialog, I can’t find that button. Long story short, I search in some blogs, they say that Google remove that option on past October. Well, I am noticing Google email just now! Then I tried this trick…

Example: My name is “Benget Nata”.

But I want “bentinata” custom URL, then I change my first name to “benti” and my last name to “nat”, yep strip 1 character at your last name.
After some time, Google will give you option custom URL of “ needed)”
Then you can just fill the suffix with your last custom URL character. In my case it was “a”. Check that “License agreement” and click that “Claim URL” button. After that, you can just change your name to your old name, in my example it was “Benget Nata”.

Tadaa! Your new custom URL is sharp and shiny. Enjoy! 🙂